Chamber Ensemble Recital • RENT! at SwHS • Spring Lessons

Chamber Ensemble Recital
Tuesday, March 27, 7pm. 
Students have been working hard to learn their music; it should be a great evening a musicking.

Get your tickets to experience RENT at Southwest High. (shh...I know the drummer). It opens tonight and runs through March 25. This is a show with some mature themes and a bit of profanity, your call on bringing the littles. 

Private Instrument Instruction
If you are interested in lessons, please check out the following fine establishments listed below or reach out to me directly and I'll help you and your student find a qualified private teacher that is a good fit. There are many teachers in the area (even some LHCS parents) who are not attached to a storefront.
Twin Town Guitars (offers lessons on several instruments)
or Contact Reid Wixson at Southwest High to see if any HS students are available - even as a "practice buddy."

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