January 2018

Happy New Year! 

Welcome back. I sincerely hope everybody had a relaxing winter break. I'm excited to be back in the routine of the school year. 

Middle School musicians have been doing a lot of preparation for another set of concerts at Southwest High - on stage  and in a proper auditorium! This is part of our "bridge" concert series trying to connect 8th grade to High School and have our LHCS students see themselves as 9th grade musicians at Southwest in the fall.

Our Bridge Concerts will be at Southwest. 7pm. Black & White.*
      Thursday, February  8 is Jazz Night 
      Monday, February 12 is Band Night 
      Tuesday, February 13 is Orchestra Night 

February 24 will be the Jazz Band's annual Famous Dave's performance.
Uptown Famous Dave's (in Calhoun Square)
Exact time TBD but plan on around 4-5. The entire event runs 2-6.

Our Middle School Chamber Ensembles recital is Tuesday, March, 27. 7pm. Lake Harriet Gym.

Also, thanks to all the parents who helped out with our IDS performance and a super special thanks to Chris Gegax for filming and doing some video editing of our performance at the IDS Crystal Court.  Very well done! Check the link to his hard work here. https://vimeo.com/249387136/e888f5918d

* FYI - Southwest usually has a table set up for donations at concerts, as concert revenue and our Hot Notes Fundraiser (this Saturday).
If you don't feel comfortable, or can't swing the admission right now - no worries. SwHS Performing Arts does kick back some of the revue from these concerts to our program in various ways - Last year they bought us a new baritone horn. This year they've already donated a vibraphone!

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