Busy November

10 November 2017
I hope the time change (and weather change) is treating everyone favorably. We've been very busy and continue to be.

Importantly, Jazz Band, String Orchestra and 7/8 Band, I need Permission slips returned by Nov 16. We are headed to IDS on Nov 28 for a run out concert. Ps - I need 5-6 chaperones, pretty please.

Nov. 9 - 7/8 Band students were to share a google folder with me for thier 1st playing assignment
Nov 14 - String Orchestra is hosting Tamara Gonzales from MacPhail as a guest clinician.
Nov. 14 - Ben Bussey will also be at LHUC to work with the 7/8 Band during 5th hour.
Nov. 16 - Permission Slips Due. 7/8 band, Jazz Band, String Orchestra
Nov. 16 - 7th & 8th Band 2nd playing test due - #161 & #162 from EE2
Nov. 28 -  String Orchestra, Jazz Band, and 7/8 Band will be performing from 12-1 at the IDS Crystal Court as part of the Holidays Under the Glass Series (HUGS) - Still in need of 5-6 Chaperones. 
Nov. 30 - 7th & 8th Band 3rd playing test due (from concert music)

Dec. 5 - Winter Concert at Lake Harriet, 7pm. String Orchestra, 6 Band, 7/8 Band, and Jazz Ensemble will perform.
Dec. 7 - Orchestra is heading to a dress rehearsal for Bach's Christmas Oratorio with the Lyra Baroque Orchestra.
Dec. 9 - SwHS Basilica Concert - many former LHCS students are performing, its a beautiful concert. You should attend if you can.   
Dec 13 - School Concert Assembly - Featured Ensembles TBD.
Dec. 21 - Middle School Practice Journals are due. 6,7,8 bands.

Jan. 17 - 4th & 5th grade spotlight performance for their classmates - 3:15pm.
Jan. 18 - 6, 7, 8 bands - 2nd practice journals due.

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