A Quarter, already? • November 2016

First Quarter sure did fly right by!
Many successes were had, and still a few challenges persist. I was involved as the planner and coordinator of the High School All-District Fall JAM festival that took place last Friday at North High and featured the Adam Meckler Orchestra as the guest artist and clinicians - that was a LOT of work!!!

Practice makes permanent; please encourage your student to practice every day and perform for you once per week.

Zero Hour String Orchestra and Jazz Band have been rehearsing some fine music.
                  •Jazz Band performed at the School Potluck. Jazz Band will be having some guest artists come in for clinics as the year continues. We were just notified that our partnership with the Dakota Foundation for Jazz Education will provide for this.
                  •String Orchestra is looking to attend a daytime St. Paul Chamber Orchestra performance later in the year and do some off-campus community concerts

Middle School Bands have all established rehearsal routines and have been working to prepare for our winter performance on Dec 6. Middle School practice for second quarter will be entered around etudes from the Rubank Intermediate methods. Students will have a weekly practice assignment that they will need to master and record and send it to me by the following Tuesday. Easy ways to complete these are to record a voice memo and send it as an email,  or call into my google voice (612) 234-5379 and perform over the phone. Students will be graded on the level of mastery and fluidity of the content of their recording, not on the recording quality.

5th Grade Band and Strings have been rehearsing regularly. Check for lesson sheets and encourage at least 20 minutes per day of practice. I know it can be difficult to find time, but consistent practice is really the ONLY way to improve.

4th Grade Band and Strings  is finally underway. I do owe a bit of an explanation on the delay, and I apologize for the lack of communication. Due to the building schedule, I teach Middle School Monday’s & Tuesdays with very few lessons times. W, Th and Friday mornings are scheduled for 4/5 lessons but there have been many conflicts. (First Draft lesson schedule is attached.)

I was overly ambitious about our start date for the end of Sept, then I was out sick a couple days in early October and it had a domino effect on the schedule. Then MEA and last week I was out working on the district Jazz festival, and this week, classroom parties, a dance and no school. To clarify, the reason we didn’t start the week before MEA break was, with these known conflicts, it would have been a month between lessons and that is too long for a beginner to have an instrument and not do unintentional damage, or totally lose interest because they’re not progressing, or to develop bad habits that take a long time to correct. Regardless, I apologize for the delay. We should be good moving forward.

Jazz Band to perform at Music Assembly Nov 11.

Winter Concert Dec. 6, 2016 7pm / 6:30 call | Black & White | Middle school Bands, String Orchestra & Jazz Band. Concert will be about 1:15 in duration, as always.

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