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Thank you for some great Spring Concerts! 

I appreciate all the hard work my students put forth this year. As I mentioned at the concerts, I know their success isn't an accident so thank you again for encouraging and supporting a healthy practice routine. As I like to remind the students, "hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

The 2016-2017 LHCS calendar is nearing completion. While I expect that there will be some fluidity - as is the nature of schools - I will do my very best to minimize any surprises.

Band, Orchestra, and Jazz are performance-based classes, partially graded by performance; scheduled three performances at school are required. When a student is unable to attend a performance, it lessens the experience for all involved. Adequate planning and timely communication are expected if when there is a conflict.

I ask Middle School  students make their instrumental music performance their main priority for 3 evenings a year: Winter Concert, Chamber Ensemble Concert and Spring Concert. Like this year, we'll have other performances (mostly off campus). Their attendance to the three gigs at LHUC Campus are critically urgent as part of their performance grade.

Final Rehearsal Schedules

Middle School Orchestra (zero hour) will not meet next Thursday 5/19. Our final rehearsal / celebration will be Tuesday, 5/24. Students need to either return the school instruments or turn in a summer rental form at that time. Students are asked to bring a peanut-free food item to share (enough for 4-5 people).

4th & 5th Grade Band & Strings will continue to meet next week. Students need to either return the school instruments or turn in a summer rental form at that time. I need all the school instruments accounted for by the end of next week.
   • 4th Gr. Strings - Wednesday 5/18 - 1:30 -2:15
   • 4th Grade Band - Thursday - 11:30-12:15
   • 5th Grade Band - Thursday - 12:30-1:15
Jazz Band - will have a final rehearsal celebration next Friday 5/20.
Middle School Bands (6-8) - our last playing rehearsal will be 5/31.

Summer Instrument Rental & Lessons

All students are encouraged to rent their instruments for summer (even 8th graders). Summer instrument rental is $20 (≈$5/month) and I strongly encourage lessons over the summer. If not weekly, bi-weekly or some amount of regularity that keeps practice efforts focused and the instrument dust-free. Practicing in the morning is the best. 
If you are interested in lessons, please check out the following fine establishments or reach out to me directly and I'll help you and your student find a qualified private teacher that is a good fit. 

Twin Town Guitars (offers lessons on several instruments)
or Contact Mr. Wixson at Southwest High to see if any HS seniors are available. 

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