Upcoming Spring Performances

Copper Street Brass Showcase

Thursday, April 21 6pm. Free.

Three Chamber Ensembles will represent Lake Harriet at Ramsey Middle School.

      8th Grade Clarinet Quartet: Sigrid, Serene, Rachel, Helena
      8th Grade Trombone Quartet: Anders, Carson, Jack, Sophie
      7th Grade Saxophone Quartet: James, Elliot, Iris, Joseph

Spring Showcase Concerts 

May 3 - 7pm @ Lake Harriet Gym

Ensembles: Dragon Strings (4), String Orchestra (5-8), Jazz Ensemble, Choir
         • Dragon Strings - White Top / Black Pants or Black Dress
         • String Orchestra - All Black
         • Jazz Ensemble - Jazz T-shirts & Slacks. (No Shorts / No Jeans)
         • Choir - All Black
Performer Call Time- 6:30 report to Band & Orchestra Room / Choir Room

May 5 - 7pm @ Lake Harriet Gym

Ensembles: Beginning Band (4-5), Dragon Band (4-5), 6th Grade Band, Concert Band (7/8)
Attire: White Top / Black Pants or Black Dress  
(No Shorts / No Jeans; Jacket and Tie optional)
Performer Call Time- 6:30 report to Band & Orchestra Room

Dakota Combo Visit

April 29 we will host the Dakota Combo, the premiere youth Jazz Combo comprised of students from around the twin cities (including 2 from SWHS, 1 from WHS, and 1 from SHS). Dakota Combo is sponsored by the Dakota Foundation for Jazz Education and run through MacPhail Center.  They will provide a daytime student performance at 10:15-11:00 for all middle school band students. The performance will be in the LHUC cafeteria.

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