Second Quarter • 30 October 2015

First quarter was super busy and lots of fun!
Some of the highlights:
  • 4th & 5th grades got started on instrument lessons (view 2nd quarter Lesson Schedule here).
  • 7th & 8th Grade band students performed at a Washburn Football game.
  • Middle School kicked off our partnership with the Copper Street Brass.
  • Middle School Orchestra as a zero hour has made a year's progress compared to last year. 
  • Middle School Bands finished a sight reading unit, and are now preparing music for winter concert December 10, 7pm at LHUC gym
Second Quarter will be slightly different in terms of practice cards. I will not be collecting paper practice sheets anymore. Students will enter their practice weekly via a google form.
I encourage you to bookmark the link or simply navigate to the Lake Harriet band website.

Middle School Band students will begin working from Rubank method books for technique development this quarter.

As always, I encourage as many students as possible to seek out private lessons on their instruments, particularly strings students. During the school year this can be tricky in terms of time allocation but its worth it! Let me know if you'd like help finding a teacher. Experienced strings students should also check into participating with GTCYS or MYS, these ensembles are rich in their supplement to the school orchestra program!

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rlieving said...

Thumbs up on the electronic form. Thanks for doing that. It makes everyone's lives much easier.