Chamber Music & Flute Class • 12 March 2015

Chamber Music Recital  - March 24, 7pm
We have an upcoming evening of Chamber Music performed by Middle School Band and Orchestra students on March 24, 7pm.

Students have been working hard this quarter on playing chamber music (duets, trios, quartets, etc).  In addition to preparing the technical aspects of musical performance,, students are working on making informed musical & aesthetic decisions for their ensembles, e.g. phrasing, dynamics (how loud is loud?), cues, entrances, releases, etc. Its a powerful unit and I look forward to this event every year.

Ensembles have been asked to dress nicely; the standard ensemble Black and White is not required for this performance.

Flutist & Composer Julie Johnson, came to visit our flutes and give a masterclass. It was awesome!
She also is a teacher at Mt. Olivet so if you're interested in lessons, that a good place to find her!

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