Greetings! • 24 August 2014

This is the first MusicNotes blog post! I will try my best to publish weekly and provide a basic overview of what we're working on in classes as well as any upcoming events or opportunities for students. I've found this means to be a simple and effective communication tool.  Please take a minute to subscribe to this blog in your rss feed or via automatic weekly emails.

I appreciate your patience in the first couple weeks of school as I get up to speed on how things work at LHCS!  I hope to make this year a great one for all the students at LHCS. This involves me making certain I have good intel on how the program has worked in the past and how I can best serve each of our students involved in the instrumental music program.

If you ever have any concerns, suggestions, opportunities or otherwise, please contact me directly. I try to respond within 24 hours whenever possible.  Email or phone/txt works fine: / cell (612) 234-5379 / district vm (612) 672-1719

For those I haven't met in person, when you have a chance, please stop in and introduce yourself.  I'm really excited to be at Lake Harriet, and want to do a really good job!

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